Canadian Government's Radon Links

For those Home Inspectors interested in Radon, I have a few links to Government web sites about Radon. Just click on title.

  1. BC Centre for Disease Control Control - 09/2007

  2. Health Canada - Government of Canada Radon Guidelines

  3. CMHC - Radon: A guide for Canadian home owners

This information will also be helpful to you as general knowledge. Health Canada’s Chief of Radiation and Health is recommending that Canadian Inspectors in class have the option of taking the NEHA test. Hope to see you in one of our classes soon. Next one is Ottawa - April 18th and 19th. Training this summer in Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Vancouver.

Bernie Katz, Training Director, Environmental Solutions Association

email me if you would like more information on Radon in Canada

I don’t think anyone goes to Winnipeg willingly! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Winnipeg is so flat I saw my dog run away from home… for three days!

Never mind being flat don’t venture out of downtown Winnipeg in the spring the mosquitoes will eat you alive! If the Radon doesn’t get ya, the mosquitoes will.