Canadian Shower Question

I’ve had a question that has been unanswered for some time. I’ve asked some Canadians I know but they haven’t been able to give me an answer. I’ve seen several home improvement shows filmed in Canada that show a tub spout in the shower. Looks like most of the time it’s like a foot or less off the shower floor. What’s the reason for this?

I did It to my new shower I put in .
One great for washing the Dog.
Great to fill a pail of water .
Great to set temperature of the shower before sending the water up .
No idea why more do not do it .
Hope this helps…

Roy Picture added from basement shower

Have you got a picture of it?

Often refered to as a toe tester, so you can test the water temperature before you enter the shower.

Very interesting. I have not yet seen this in the US. Has anyone else? Is there a code preventing this in the US?

Called a toe warmer,

You adjust the temperature then you shower.

Some don’t install them. :slight_smile:

Like Roy said, great for temp testing and utility. One client said she liked having it for cleaning the shower itself.

Thanks for the info. I have yet to see one myself but now it makes sense.

I’ve never seen one before. That’s why I asked for the picture. Thanks Roy. Looks like a good idea. Wonder why there are not used more often?

No idea I have never seen one either .
I bough the kit and saw the Spigot and like you thought it was a good idea so in it went .
My son-in-law was the first to use it and he was impressed big time .

Not *trying *to be a smart**s, but I think you guys in Canada are being had!

In the U.S., those kits you are referring to are called *Tub and Shower Faucets. *


I have never seen a shower set up this way.
How Many have you seen in your Inspections .
Looks like most have never seen one.
… Roy

See your post says Bathtub
I have never seen one in a shower Stall.
How many have you seen in a shower stall

I see them in about 75% of stand alone showers. That percentage drops to maybe 40% in remodelled/aftermarket showers

Thanks Mark I guess we live a sheltered Life in the small town… Roy

I have never seen one in my entire life.

I see these more often than not. Never thought it was very practical. I just stick my hand under the shower to test the temp. But if it is there, I test it and move on. I figured most plumbers look at it and say to themselves. “What the hell am I suppose to do with this faucet?” “hell, just stick it in there and lets go to lunch.” You can’t see it from my house"

We installed them on every bathroom shower reno. I always asked my customer first but exactly as quoted it is referred to a toe tester or temperature tester by my Master Plumber.

All single control valve bodies have four ports - two in and two out. When I have installed them in showers I inevitably come to the point where I have to decide what to do with the second ‘out port’ having already used one for the shower head. After realizing that I don’t have the proper termination for the port and the liberal application of specific plumbers language ( "*&$&#!**&!!!:shock:) it seems easier to install the spigot and be done with it than it is to run down to the local big box to by the termination.

Then I justify it by saying it is a ‘toe warmer’ or a ‘bucket filler’ and it becomes an added value feature!:smiley:

The item you include in your link is a basic tub/shower combination. The item referenced in this thread is in fact a tub-style spigot installed just above floor level in a shower stall. This spigot is identical to the ones in a regular bathtub. It is not used to run a bath or to fill a bucket in Texas. The one I saw in Sugar Land, TX, in a private home, is in a shower stall and is less than 6" above the floor. When I asked the homeowners about it they said they had never seen one prior to moving to Texas but a number of homes they have visited include one.