Canadian Tire thermal camera

Has anyone seen this camera? Any input on it? Understanding that it it low quality and very low resolution.
Mastercraft Maximum Thermal Imager

Product #57-4582-6
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I checked out the specs. They aren’t too great. I have a pic somewhere… Here we go!

Don’t waste your money for garbage.

Did you read the customer review that is on the page?

“Bought this last week and was eager to try it out. To say the least, it did not function as I thought it would. Not really sure what it would be good for. Went through all modes and calibration on colours and formats and nothing gave me the traditional image an infra red camera gives. I know I was expecting a lot considering what it sells for and on that note, I was very disappointed. Returned it and may have to take a plunge on a real version.”

And another reads:

Work well
Date:September 15, 2013
"I just bought one of these. The thermal imager resolution is 12x16 (interpolated) according to the box. From the images, I would believe it. It actually works quite well, but the limitation is the noise floor. You won’t be able to see much less than a 5deg C temperature difference with any reliability. When in overlay mode, the thermal resolution is less of an issue as you can clearly see the object that is creating the hot-spot.

lol, what the heck. Interpolation is a way to increase apparent resolution. So what the heck is the native detector? It is almost like they took some sort of regular IR thermometer detector then interpolated that to get to 12x16.

Think I am going to take 4 Fluke 62 MAX IR thermometers and cable tie them all together and see what kind of readings I can get. Technically they would have a slightly higher resolution than this camera…without the screen.

Perhaps you are using it incorrectly. This thing is for thermal analysis of Canadian tires only :eek:

Bingo and the winner is ("Jonathan ")