A question about Canadian inspectors taking the internachi courses

I hear time and time again from Canadian home inspectors (i live in Alberta) that although these courses are good there’s some differences between Canadian homes and American homes therefore the courses although good, aren’t exceptionally good for Canadian home inspectors. I’ve never heard of any specific things however. I usually am told that there’s just a difference but never in detail how. So my question is for my fellow Canadians and i suppose anyone else who might know the difference. How has this course helped you in Canada? What are some major differences?

Not a Canuck, but…
Generally speaking, the primary difference is with the “Codes”.
In the U.S., we deal with this issue in every State, City, County, and Municipality. Most commonly differences are between our “NEC” and your “HYDRO” I believe you call it.
As an inspector, unless your local jurisdiction ‘requires’ you to report a certain way, this should not affect your inspecting or reporting. In the U.S. we report with ‘Safety’ in mind. Yes, what we do is ‘based’ upon the codes, but we don’t necessarily hold true to them or quote them when reporting.
As to the actual construction of a home, the construction “basic’s” are the same with variances in some systems and minor, usually cosmetic, differences from region to region. Consider the differences such as insulation for cold and hot regions. Heat requirements in hot areas, A/C in colder areas as some examples.
Hope that helps.

I agree with what JJ says. I did do home inspections in the Toronto area for more than 10 yrs. I have said it before: NACHI training programs are not gospel. The NACHI training courses are very good, in a general sense. Things change based upon local situations. Use the info learned as a basis for your inspections.

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Howdy! Studied in 2015, No prior North America, Real Estate or construction experience, i am doing good as Home inspection here in Alberta, all because of InterNachi courses, I don’t exactly word it out the differences, but I read lot of local municipal code files.

“One course can’t make you Expert Home Inspector”…Unknown

Unless, of course, you purchase the title from a certain scumbag vendor!!