Canadians are super friendly and act FAST! I'm astonished!

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I wasn’t looking forward to going to Barrie, Ontario Saturday. I kept getting warnings that I would meet a lot of political resistance. I had to switch planes, sit on the runway for 2 hours, go through customs, drive another hour from Toronto to Barrie, and fight a storm to get to an hour late.

It was worth it!

About 35 inspectors showed up at the auditorium style conference room at the college. The Canadian home inspectors had to drive far. Canada is a big country spread out. Roy Cook saved me by giving a talk on person-to-person marketing techniques for home inspectors for the first hour. I first met Roy at . He was in the audience in our open format Chapter meeting. He was sitting in the back row. His answers, humor, and character were so good I asked to switch places with him. He came up on stage and knocked them dead. He did it again Saturday. Roy is in his 70's but a tough act to follow. We had sandwiches, donuts, coffee, etc. Robert King and Bob Francis did a nice job getting it set up. Many others helped in many ways. Good open discussion. Lots of information. A few door prizes. Informal talk afterwards. They are all so friendly. Lots of laughs. I was really impressed with how helpful they are to each other. Real NACHI spirit up there. By the time I got home Sunday night I found my inbox full of thank-you emails. 11 more Canadian inspectors faxed in their NACHI membership applications. 3 more Canadian NACHI Chapters announced their intentions to form. Bob Francis announced an upcoming all day structural course for NACHI members in Toronto. Wow, what a difference a day makes!

Thank you all for a great time. You're almost too fast for me to keep up with. I guess that's how you stay warm.


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Welcome to the great white north. A little correction I cannot take any credit for the Barrie meeting I did very little. Robert and Roy did it all.

I hope we are not giving our friends in the USA ideas that we all live in ingloo's up here. We do have very warm months too. Just got to remeber when they are!

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I give you guys a lot of credit for doing all those inspections in that kind of weather.


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I am a new Candian member as a result of the Barrie meeting. I must say that we are not the only ones that are fast. I had a slight tech problem with my NACHI email and within an hour of sending my proplem to Lia Babitch I had three respones from three different NACHI members and the problem was fixed. WOW! And to think other tech support from Microsoft or where ever are actually getting paid and don't get back to you in that time if at all. Great Job! I am very impressed.

As for the weather, I wouldn't mind if we really did live in igloos. It would make my job as an inspector alot easier. Anyone know where I can pick up a snow density meter ![icon_wink.gif](upload://ssT9V5t45yjlgXqiFRXL04eXtqw.gif)

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Great job guys. Keep up the good work. The membership numbers here at NACHI are absolutely fantastic.

NACHI is on fire.....

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Awwww Shuuuuccccckkkkssssss!

Really we were just on our best behaviour that day!

But we are glad you had a good time up here Nick, and we are looking forward to working toward a bright future for all home inspectors in North America and indeed worldwide!!!!

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