Canadians elect a Liberal government voting to enslave themselves

Note to USA progressives.

Your dreamed for utopia is just north of the border.

Make plans accordingly to emigrate. Soon. thank you.

Don’t like the thought of this guy running our country but we will have to wait and see what happens.

Hold onto your wallet folks!


It is a CHANGE, JUST AS the U.S. N E E D S one!

changing for the worse is not a good change.

Trust me. WE know it here.

You have no clue about Canada Larson how about worrying about your yard before you worry about neighbors. They needed a change for sure. Present one was becoming a dictator.

Larson just worried some of the weed smoke will go south and he might get a will happy feeling on.

But I know progressive/liberals.

Will you be moving back now?

Why when i can have so much fun ****ing with you. you really have no clue .

I know you. I know liberals. You qualify.

GEE I’m impressed!

We will see how he does at least he is young , Perhaps Canada will have some excitement in politics .