Today Is The Day

As a citizen of Canada of legal voting age you have a moral right and obligation to go to the polls and fulfill your mandate. If you don’t go out and do this you have no right whatsoever to bitch and complain about what the government is doing,or not doing, in this country. I really don’t care if you decide to cast a ballot or not but you do have the responsablity to get out there and let your views be known. If you honestly believe there is no one party or person who is going to represent you the way would would like at least go to the polls and when they hand you a ballot, refuse it, then make sure it is recorded as a refused ballot. The people at the polling station must do this at your request. At that point you have made your voice heard and you have all the rights as a voter. The apathy in this country regarding voting is sickening and it is usually the people who don’t fulfill their obligation who complain the most.
I will steal a tag line from NIKE “Just Do It”

Being a U.S. citizen, I really should mind my own business but I have a need to contribute…

To people considering voting for the Liberals, I say this:

Paul Martin’s Liberals haven’t earned your vote. They promised to protect public health care — and didn’t. They promised to act on climate change — and didn’t. They promised national child care in 1993 — and didn’t do it until they lost their majority and we forced them to. Paul Martin says he’s devoted to Charter rights — and then holds free votes on them.
The Liberals promised to be honest, and they weren’t. And after five elections and 12 years, the Liberal Party needs a time-out.

To those who’ve considered voting Conservative, I say this:

The Conservatives have their priorities wrong. They’re all about dimes and dollars — dimes in tax cuts for working families, and big dollars for banks and oil companies. I believe there are more important things to take care of before Canada plays around with tax cuts for the rich.

So it’s in your hands…Who do you vote for?

I find it refreshing to hear from a US citizen who most likely has paid more attention to this election than the average voter in Canada.
We do not have any other choice than to vote Conservative. You are absolutely right about the Liberals, however, the only other choices are the Conservatives or the NDP. Believe me we don’t need the NDP in this country. They will nationalise everything and government should be in the business of government not in the business of business. I don’t trust Jack Layton.

To all the morons who say they are not going to vote because they have no faith in the candidates, or it is useless, get off your asses and go travel the world. Then come back to Canada and tell me you are not interested in voting. Most Canadians haven’t got a clue how well they have it in Canada. As for voting I am with Larry 12 years of the Fiberals is enough. Time for a fresh change, new ideas, new attitudes, new people. Canada is one of the most taxed nations on earth. That stagnates growth and investment. David I think you have some of your facts wrong. The Liberals have been for the Kyoto accord. Paul Martin does not know the meaning of a free vote in Parliment. They are socialistic. Raymond Wand Alton, ON

The Kyoto accord will not succeed at achieving its objectives. While Kyoto calls for a six per cent cut in emissions by 2012, Canada’s have actually risen about 24 per cent since 1990. The country’s record is even worse than the United States., which never ratified the agreement.

Environmentalists have harshly criticized Canada’s performance on climate change. But many still believe the country still has a slim hope of meeting its commitment, especially if it purchases clean-air credits from other countries.
The government of Canada has never had a plan to achieve the objectives under this accord. What they’re going to do is obviously proceed with what they can do in developing a real plan in collaboration with your provinces.

That’s the only realistic way of proceeding.

Yeah thats another Fiberal spin, they signed onto the agreement and haven’t done much if anything. They did more with same sex marriage, gun registry and insulting Quebecers with their own money.

Raymond, I’m guessing that is not a Freudian slip. Good one.

The Bush tax cuts increased US tax revenues and will surely do the same in Canada

Joe, no Freudian slip, many folks in Canada call the Liberal party the Fiberal party. Great a scandals. I don’t think I am better off now after 12 years of Liberal rule.

As to tax cuts we need some relief, we are taxed to death!

I think we will see a majority Conservative Government at the worst a minority. Time for someone else to be corrupt for four years. :wink:


Another election, another joke!
What a bloody waste of taxpayers money!
Being of sound mind, I couldn’t vote for the fiberals; In all conscience, I couldn’t vote for any party that would have Stephen Harper as it’s leader; the NDP is a joke; the Green Party is ahead of it’s time; the Christian Heritage Party? not! The Bloc? nuff said
In this small town, no one trained the returning officers on how to handle a ballot refusal. I was threatened with arrest cuz they thought I wanted to destroy the ballot, no brains in the boonies I guess.
( this was a fiberal stronghold til 2 years ago)

Get use to saying Conservative, Get use to saying Prime Minister Harper. :slight_smile: I just hope they keep their promises like Mike Harris did in Ontario.

I couldn’t believe that windbag Buzz Hargrove telling everyone to vote Liberal because Harper is a sepratist. They (Liberals) must be pretty desperate for Hargrove to come out with that one.

Damn Raymond. You ruined an otherwise good post by mentioning that a_s Harris. Sure he kept most of his promises, but how did he do it, on the backs of the poor, the sick, and the aged. The usual targets!

The rich get richer and the poor have more children. Joe Fontana was elected in his riding but obviously he will be sitting in opposition.

Not quite the result I was hoping for but it is better than another fiberal government. Paul Martin, in his speech last nite said he would not be leading the Liberals in the next election. This may give us a reprieve but somehow I don’t think so. Unfortunately we will be most likely going back to the polls in another couple of years. The country cannot afford too many more elections in such a short time span. Now all we need is to have the Steven Harper tell us that the record surpluses have not been surpluses at all and just creative book keeping on behalf of the fiberals. Gomery cost all of us in this country far more than we can imagine. I cannot understand anyone voting for a corrupt party but that is what we got last nite. At least the country is now governed by a truly pan Canadian party. Having elected candidates from all provinces all Canadians will be represented in Parliment, not just the fragmented few from Ontario or Quebec and the Maritimes. Get ready for a very interesting Parliment in the near future. Now the fight really begins.

Welcome to Canada!

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

"Free At Last! Free At Last! Thank God Almighty! Free At Last!"
with Thanks To M.l.k.

Not a complete and thorough enema, but a partial enema is better than nothing. :wink:

Gee I wonder who will be the new Minister responsible for CMHC, HRC, …?

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

I’ll do it!!!

My MP (Conservative) David Tilson was voted back in by a huge number.