Can't be modest here!

Photo taken from pool/deck area of this new, pricey ($1.8M) home today. I just thought it was amusing is all.

That’s pretty funny. You think they misplaced the shower door?

That is one view I would not like.

How 'bout this one below. 100 year old home. The only bathroom was accessible from the back porch glass door. I arrived early at the inspection and, being a morning man, was having my daily constitutional when an absolutely beautiful woman arrived to meet me. I was caught with my britches down for sure! Ranks real high on my most embarrassing moments list.

101808 039.JPG

I was doing a inspection and was caught between stops, Using the basement bathroom was a good idea i thought because everyone would be busy upstairs . Not checking if there was a fan ( in a hurry ) i did my business. Guess what everyone decided to go down stairs and check the basement first thing . the wife of the buyer whispered to her husband , husband came over and said Mr. Inspector is there anyway to check if sewer gas is coming in ? Well i slowly turned and said lets see if it clears first . I skip lunch now . and yes i did write up the basement bathroom for not having a window or fan.

Is this a local code violation or just an upgrade recommendation?

Gots to have proper ventilation in a water closet. It’s in all the major model codes, ICBO, ICC, etc…:wink:

Did a re-inspection last month. While I was re-inspecting the roof, the sellers wife decided to drop a bomb. She knew I needed to re-inspect a few issues in that bathroom too. Wonder if she was just pissed about the initial inspection because they had to replace the roof and I found structural WDO damage. It wasn’t pleasant.

In case of emergency, break glass :wink:

Hey, does that flush out the little tube thingy at the left side of the pic?:wink:

Yes, that’s why there are two thingy’s, one for solid, one for liquid…you gotta remember, this was a high end home. :slight_smile:

Recommendation i do not quote codes as a good little home inspector should .
Besides that it was a global warming Problem in the home ( that is if i visit):twisted: