Capillary action

I’m William

I cant get this out of my head. I understand it for a tree. There fore I understand for a harvested piece of wood. Stone and concrete I understand. How can capillary action go six miles up with only 300 to 500 psi. Osmosis is 2000 to 3000. Is Capillary a vertical measure? Osmosis is a Horizontal measure?

just as Ohm’s applied. Barometric,capillary action,osmosis,and temperature.

I studied biology and chemistry in college so I know these things quite well. Trees actually do not use capillary action to get water into the tree itself. The leaves use barometric pressure via sunlight to create 400-600psi. Capillary action is very very weak, next time you have a straw put it in some water, the straw/capillary only pulls the water up very little.

Capillary action and osmosis can take place in any direction as long as not opposing stronger forces.