Security System

Inspecting a vacant home today. Did not notice the security system until they were looking at me. Got my heart punding a bit. Luckily I did not set it off.

The nest was between the main door and storm. When I opened the storm, I was looking down at the lock box trying to get the key. I don’t know why I looked up (there was damage below, so maybe I was checking the top of the door) but I’m glad I did. I eventually got the key and through the door, but i found another way to exit and did not disturb the door again.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that was the worst thing I saw (or smelled) at the inspection…


Obviously the door had not been used much. huh? I was inspecting a home a couple of weeks ago and was looking at a PVC pipe in the front yard. It was wrapped with black plastic and duct taped up and I reached to wiggle it to make sure it was sturdy. Well, there was a nest just like the one in your photo under the pipe that I did not see…two of the little buggers got me on the same finger of my left hand…hurt like the dickens and my little girl screams scared the crap out of the clients that were standing nearby. A little ice and Benadryl cream and I was good to go again though. :mrgreen:

I see those all the time here in good ol’ Alabama. I keep a can of wasp and hornet killer (four actually) in my truck and am armed at all times. I was stung once to know that I don’t want to be stung again. If I even THINK there is a chance that there might be a nest…I spray and then look. If I see a nest where that on was in the pic. above…I ask the homeowner permission before giving them the spray.