Careful out there

It is starting to get warm here in AZ and the critters are on the move

Ah yes I miss those rattlers from my days in New Mexico, especially in crawl spaces…

I would not want to run into one of those in a crawl.

Tastes like chicken

Funny cause I heard that chicken tastes like rattler. :roll:

That’s what the rattler said about you!

They eat good down here:shock:

Chickens don’t have venom.

I’ve seen only one rattlesnake in my life (parents live in NM), but as pissed off as it was I was happy to be a safe distance away. God bless you guys who crawl under houses in the southwest. Scorpions are nice too.

Oh thanks, I hate snakes! I also hate going into crawlspaces with package units with no obstruction under them. I see snake skins all the time in the crawl where they go under the unit and into the crawl. I pulled up a vapor barrier in one house to look to see if they had footers under some repairs and snakes went everywhere! I almost knocked myself out trying to get out.