It's that time of the year. . .

This little guy was watching me while I was inspecting the service panel. After a minute or so, he just slithered away. . .



That is one of the 4 kinds of snakes I am afraid of:

  1. Big ones
  2. Little ones
  3. Live ones
  4. Dead ones

Nice to see the agents actually turn up for the inspection :mrgreen:

Sorry, a cheap shot but thats what happens after a bottle of Merlot :wink:



At least you did’nt meet the snake half way under the house…:shock:

What has been getting to me this week is 6 foot snake skins “hanging around”!

You know he’s in there somewhere!

That looks like the rare, but deadly Rattle-Headed-Copper-Moccosin.

I wonder if we could get CE’s for attending a snake charmer school for Home Inspectors and I’m not talking about the local real estate office;) :smiley: :twisted:

I remember the 1st time I ran into a snake skin in a crawlspace. I got very still and very scared. Malture rattlers will alway warn you that you’re getting too close. Baby rattlers don’t rattle because they don’t have them yet. I ended that crawlspace inspection right then and there.