Carrier Heat Pump

Would anyone happen to have the specs on a Carrier heat pump model 38SQ940300 from May 1984?

Looking for output, COP or HSPF

Hmmm you may have to contact Carrier for those numbers. I would guess the seer for that unit at 8 SEER. That unit is well past the average life of a heat pump. I would say to budget for a new 13 seer unit.

Oh that unit is 40 thousand btus

Interesting James. Is that number from the 38SQ940300 model number? I’m not familiar with Carrier’s heat pump numbering scheme.

Yep the 40 is 40Kbtus. That was the old scheme. The new one is what you would expect. 12K per ton. 36=3 42=3.5 I don’t know why they did that in the 80s.

Thank You James