Cartoon for your pleasure

Opens with Microsoft Word.

Document opens with microsoft word. The attachment works for me, does it work for everyone else?

Yes, I’m looking at 69 Cigar Lane now…nice house. :cool:

John…if that is a realtor saying that it’s funny…because they never would say something like that…:twisted:

Clinton slept here. That’s it? :frowning:

Wouldn’t your time be better spent meddling in some States HI licensing laws?:stuck_out_tongue:

See, now that is funny. It is current, has a ring of truth to it, and might even sting a little.

You may get there, perhaps a CMI level course in Humor for the HI is in order? Send your checks and money orders to…:slight_smile: Good for 100 CEU’s

Gotta be more…good vacation, I hope, Brian?

Get used to it…:stuck_out_tongue:

Steady John some might be jealous of you .
Don’t let them get you down .
A very large % think you do a fantastic job .
Please do not change . Roy Cooke

John, I liked you better when you were not some type of mentally deranged cartoonist.:stuck_out_tongue:

Please outsource your artwork or humor to someone with talent. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

One or the other.

Thank you very much. No charge for the advice.:smiley:

What is it John does so fantasticly Roy, that a large percentage??? think about?



They'll never get me down.  Too much input and words of encouragement from the other thousands of members override these few.  I just consider the source and move on.  Whenever I read constant rant and rave from particular individuals, I just assume that it is their nature.

I’d like to take the credit for it, but I didn’t do it. I simply posted it.

Thanks for the advice…

That’s even worse! :smiley:

:smiley: :smiley: What can I say, I’m a vendor!:smiley: :smiley:

…and a little goofy at times.:smiley:


I remember that. I had hair then. :smiley: :smiley:

LOL…Do you still have the green hat?:smiley:

Lets all think about it . If you or I or John left NACHI .
Which one of us would leave the biggest Hole in helping the membership .
I know it would not be me.
I intend to stay till the pine box comes for me.
Hope others do too.
Roy Cooke

Okay Roy, now that’s funny! :smiley:

Well if I left I guess the biggest hole would be left behind. :slight_smile: Excellent point.:stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding.:smiley: