Our next e-newsletter going out to a million real estate agents...

…is going to promote www.AskNACHI.org


Goes out next week.

Hopefully Nick, you will have someone proof read the article before it goes out

What is an “apprintence”?

LOL:shock: :shock: :shock:


I agree proof reading is essential, Mr. Ken Lot has a reply that’s VERY tounge in cheek, and some might find it rude instead of funny. Hilarious on the forum, but probably not great for this venue…IMHO. :mrgreen:

Oh. I also just noticed that some of the “recent post” links aren’t “linked” quite correctly. Either there isn’t anything there, or it’s linked to a different subject.

Thanks Nick. It is hard to brag about being NACHI certified inspector, if all they see is ASHI propaganda:)

Thanks Nick!

Vegas or Frisco in 08?

Philly or Vegas :cool: [/drift]