Cat urine

My clients have purchased an older home. On taking up the existing laminate flooring they have discovered a strong cat urine smell. The urine has permeated into the original pine plank flooring. Any suggestions for removing the urine smell would be appreciated. The new flooring will consist of plywood underlayment and cork laminate.


An enzyme based cleaner is best.

It will actually make it stink worse while it consumes the offending material.

I have used it with very good results.

Buy a professional grade product from a pet store.

After using the cleaner, I would consider sealing the planks as an added precaution.

The best method is to seal it in. They can use BIN or they can just buy Gallons of Shellac or Seal Coat. Available at any HD, Lowes, etc. Shellac will seal it in and prevent the odor from coming back. It dries fast. Just pour it on the floor and move it around with a roller. Make sure to ventilate well and turn off any pilots.

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An enzyme based cleaner (Natures Miracle) and/or the shellac sealer would be my suggestion as well. Plain clear lacquer makes a great seal coat too, the same technique can be used to seal yellow water stains on drywall/popcorn ceilings before painting to prevent bleed through.

Thanks for the tip on the popcorn cieling Rick !

Be careful with popcorn ceilings as some texturing mixtures contained asbestos.

I’ve always used oil base Kilz with great success…be generous…

I have inspected some older homes with that type of smell, and actually came from an old toilet wax seal leak. Watch for older sewer line leaks/rust.

I have owned rental properties that had urine smells from pets. It can be pretty bad at time. Kilz has been the best product for me. No issues after application. And the best thing is, since it is a primer, if you splash it on the baseboards or walls, just paint over it.

ODO-Ban they sell it in Home Depot. Just cleaned up a huge cat pee problem in sons rental with it. Had to soak the concrete a few times but the odor is gone. The problem with cat urine is it will crystalize when dry and come back when things get damp again.

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Cat urine smell isn’t always cat urine… Sometimes prior occupants were busy doing other things, making stuff

Of which the by-products can smell like ammonia or cat urine. Or it can just be urine.

Use a black light to visually confirm cat/rodent urine

SPAMMER Pet Odor Removal Service SPAMMER

I have used a product made by Spartan called consume. Great stuff. Enzyme cleaner/odor removal. Doesn’t have long lasting residual smell.