Caterpillar's New S60-First Smartphone With FLIR Thermal Imaging

The article doesn’t show the specs which I doubt are good enough for professionals but as a “proof of concept” its nice to see whats being done with thermal imaging now.


Pretty cool phone

Yea for its drop protection and water proofing alone it should get some decent attention

Sign me up im buying .

I wonder if this is using the old Lepton 2 (80x60) or the new Lepton 3 (160x120) thermal sensor.

If it’s the Lepton 3 then this product basically kills the FLIR C2 (since the C2 is basically the same price) and you get higher resolution. Also the 13 megapixel visual camera in the phone will produce much better results than the crappy VGA unit in the C2.

Not to mention that for that same price you also get a phone built in…

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Pretty cool…, Hey Nick, ask Ben to post his opinion on this thing for us ? Give us the good, Bad and Ugly on it from his point of view.



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he he …why the dopey music ?

Looks like unfortunately this uses the old Lepton 2 (80x60) rather than the new 160x120 lepton.

I hope some of you buy it and then come on the forum and tell us how angry you are with yourself. Cheap is good, right?

Have you been able to obtain any of the specifications for it? There wasn’t anything on their site and searching shows no real spec sheets and only what people say.

Any time a company hides the specs, there is a reason. If they were proud of the specs, it would be out there for all to see. The FLIR ONE has lower grade optics and sensors, plus a processor that takes cheap data and tries to make it look good. I have covered this many times. I am weary of trying to save people from themselves. It is so much better to let one person buy the junk and then come on the forum and tell us how upset they are. It saves me a lot of time.

You can ask to speak to a regional sales rep and simply ask him if the FLIR ONE is recommended for professional use by a licensed inspector. They have always told me that the FLIR e6 is the lowest level professional camera they offer and anything below that is not for professional use.

Sooner or later there are those who will by the cheap stuff and then they are ashamed to come on the forum and admit it.

I have asked them but they all said they cannot reveal the info at the moment, but they may release more info later. I ask CAT instead of FLIR, the FLIR staff said they could not tell me since this is CAT product.

I will see that more and more smartphone may have Lepton built in camera in the future. It is no harm just for fun. However, the big problem is misuse.

pick up heat and measure surface temperatures from a distance of up to 50 to 100 feet, and see through obscurants such as smoke, enabling a huge range of use cases for building professionals, utility workers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and** emergency first responders **to name but a few.

<=So, In the future, we might have a fire fighter come to save your very life with a smartphone… Is that serious?? :mrgreen:

If my life is saved I would welcome a fire fighter carrying a transistor radio:D


You need to put on the brakes and stop trying to save the world!! Instead of “assuming” what someone’s intentions are maybe just try answering the question for a change. Keep in mind what “assume” really means when you break it down.

So to help you understand a little better first off I already own and regularly use my FLIR T420. That was an upgrade from an ICI Toughcam that I still have and functions well. Why in he ll would I want to try TI with this CAT phone??:roll:

So why am I interested in it and have reached out to you with questions expecting you might have an answer? I’m in the market for a new phone! Think about it for a minute and leave the CAT TI function out of the picture to start! Buy an AppleCrap I-Phone for $500+ or this CAT for suggested retail of $599 (possibly less who knows?). Can you drop an Apple and expect it to survive even a short fall? Can you shove your Apple underwater and take a pic (visible)?? According to CAT you can with their phone and it is way more rugged than most of these phones out there (according to CAT). Right off the bat the CAT phone is a better deal for an Inspector than an Apple Crap I-Phone!

Now let’s add the TI function in there. If the CAT’s TI function on this phone can meet or better the specs of a decent spot radiometer then OH Happy Days!! I can now stop carrying around my FLUKE and use this when needed. Also I do A WHOLE LOT MORE in inspections that even a little “less than professional grade” TI can greatly help out with rather than lugging around the FLUKE or getting out the T420 for.

Yes I agree with part of what you have been preaching about these devices but you automatically assume that everyone is on the wrong path when they are discussed. Most certainly a lot of your own students will probably finish their class, go out and buy one of these devices, waive it around at inspections calling it “Full TI with your home inspection” and thoroughly screw consumers! However these devices do have a use other than for TI during a home inspection.

You have made many posts here intimating you have lots of insider information, or contacts, or even MOJO in the IR world. So I expect that from your answer you don’t know or have no source of this information but are more than willing to preach to the choir about the uselessness of this device for TI?

Just speaking the truth.

How can you speak the truth if the specifications for the CAT S60 are not even available yet?

Please buy the camera. Please. :mrgreen:
Who am to stop a man of such wisdom.?

The FLIR ONE is such an powerful infrared camera… go for it. (humor)

From the link in post #1

Keep talking and teach us wisdom.


You’re being a total idiot! Why not answer the original question instead of just regurgitating crap? Or don’t you even know what the specifications are for it? :roll: