Smartphone thermal camera

My dad sent this to me and I thought it was a joke…but it isn’t.

FLIR Systems Introduces First Thermal Imager Designed for Smartphones
World Leader in Infrared Imaging Puts Powerful Thermal Imaging Technology in Consumers’ Hands With FLIR ONE™

interesting, id still like to see some specs (limited info in that link). There was talk about this a couple years back using the tech we already have in the smartphone and lowering the cost of imagers by allowing them to “piggy back on smartphone tech”.

If they don’t have the proper sensitivity etc… it will not really be too much help using it in our line of work. I’m somewhat optimistic that it is put out by flir though.

I’ve heard about that maybe coming out but thought it was a rumor. Hmm, now I need a Iphone. lol

This could be a great break-through if it really works well. Very curious to see how this unfolds.

At $349 it is a toy and not of use to Inspectors.

Another “must have” for the i phone fanboies?

Seems like a step in the wrong direction. I would rather see them improve handheld models that are specific to the work they are doing and lowering the prices to make better technology, more affordable. Who needs a phone that can do thermal imaging. Just doesn’t make sense. I also will not purchase any Apple products. So, as long as it or anything is limited to that…I have no interest. Some things make perfect sense. This really doesn’t seem to.

The iphone has become some kind of expensive status symbol.

I wonder how many gang bangers will be happy to part with $350.

I bet they could put it to good use, so to speak. :wink:

There is a company called muoptics that look like one will have something similar.

You’ll get what you pay for, but probably not worth half the price.

That is really cool! I wonder how long it will be before it is available for Android phones.

This item will sell like hot cakes.

It’s just a camera app. / gimmick.

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This is the real deal, not just an app.

This is going to make the public aware of thermal imaging in a huge way. Many will use it to scan real estate and see many things they cannot understand. It will drive people to seek out thermographers to do a real scan of their property before they buy.

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You are clueless.

More specs and info

Now more hunters can see the deer at night and follow the blood trail in the dark.
This is illegal but it will happen now that the IR camera will be on their smart phones.

Just because you don’t like certain people doesn’t mean they’re clueless. The reason the car is lower than a handheld unit is excatlybwhat Nathan stated. You’re not paying for any of the hardware except for the add-on case and extra camera lens needed to scan the thermal. Remember that smartphones are worth upwards of $700!? So add on the cost of the Flir addition and were sitting at over $1,000.

Our smartphone processors, memory, screens, storage, etc. Far outweigh what an entry level infared camera has to offer. The only arguement was already made which is “how sensitive is the add-on lens?” Well just have to wait for the specs on that one, the other downfall is that the add-on battery that is inside of the case to power the lens only works for 2 hours.

You’re clueless.