Caution - Spring is almost here

Had one of my toughest weeks last week. As I was writing my Monday’s report and I received a call letting me know that my cousin and his 3 year old son had died in a boating accident while fishing (the little boy was found within hours but it took a day to recover my cousin’s body). I had a full week of inspections and it was really difficult focusing on the inspections while wanting to be with my family. Anyway, just a reminder to keep boating safety in mind as the weather improves (especially for the little ones).

Sorry for your loss find time for family work never stops.

Sorry to hear that. My heart goes out to you and your family.
Family is way more important, as Jeff said work will always be there.

I’m sorry for your loss Robert. Did they hit another boat?

Really sorry to hear that Robert. That’s terrible news.

They were on a small reservoir which allows trolling motors only. A local fisherman found their empty boat against the shore with the trolling motor still going. He immediately called 911. We can only guess that the small boy fell out of the boat and my cousin went in after him. With the trolling motor running, the boat left them. I’m sure it happened in an instant which is why I want to remind everyone about safety (life vest on, etc.).

Luckily we have a lot of close relatives nearby. I was able to complete my inspections and also be with family, just a struggle to remain focused while shifting gears.

Stay safe!

That’s terrible.

You and your family have my sincerest condolences and warm thoughts and prayers, Robert.

Sorry about your families tragedy Robert.

Thanks guys!

Sorry for your loss

Very sad to hear this. Bless you -