I’ve done twice as many inspections in the first 3 weeks of this Feb than I did in the entire month, last Feb.
Four booked for next week, so far, with at least one on standby.
Just when I was thinking of doing more fishing this year . . .:D:D:D

You’ve convinced me Russ. I’m packing my bags and moving to Idaho. :smiley:

Damme, Sarge, you’re one of the very few I’d lower my muzzle to let across the state line!

Actually, we’ll be having a NACHI vacancy in S Idaho, as a gal there with a good biz is moving to Colo due to her hubby’s job . . .
And she did more than me last year!

Kinda happy that I’m catching up to you guys who’ve been doing so well when the market was “hot”!

Heck Russ, I thought I’d come and do the fishing part. Seems like that’s what you need the help with.

Y’know, I really could use a good fishing buddy.
especially one with a boat for deep water (*hint, wink, nod . . *.)

Damn i could come help its still -20 for temperature up here so a little slow yet.

You don’t have your location listed - ?

Hang in - when it thaws, the suckers will start biting!!!

Awesome Russ!

I know what you mean, can’t wait for spring.

strippers 1 (Small).jpg

My best feb yet phone started ringing the first week and hasnt stopped.:D:D:D!

If some of you guys need a boost, take a look at the coupon I posted at:

Good approach Russell. Things seem to be picking up slowly everywhere.