InterNACHI Florida CE Courses

The CE requirements require 2 hours of Wind Mitigation, however there are no InterNACHI Wind Mitigation courses listed for only 2 hours. I took the 16 hr Wind Mitigation course for the last CE cycle in 2014. Can I retake the 16 hour course again?


I belive the 16 hour wind mitigation course covers the 14 of general and the 2 of Hurricane. Brad T. Can confirm if this is correct.

InterNACHI’s How to Perform Wind Mitigation Inspections Course, #0000059, is approved for 16 hours (14 of General and 2 hours Hurricane).


Pssssst…Just take the test again. Shhhhhhhh do not tell all :slight_smile:

To the OP: Take the course again…some things have changed since the previous version.

And, after you do, NACHI automatically submits everything to the State. It takes about a week. You can pay the $105.00 and then, you will get an email when your credit shows up.

Thanks for the reminders

Since I got Licensed in 2014 I heard our CE’s aren’t due till 2018 cycle. I already got 20 some hours done.

Shawn Ce credits do not roll over so the extras you have will not be good for next time. Check the DBPR to check the status of your licence then check the CE requirements, they should be there.


Would you please delete my quote? I thought I deleted it when i first wrote it and i do not want it visible to all and ruin it for inspectors.

I sent the OP a private message.

New cycle starts August 1. Anything taken before then does not count. If you got your license in 2014 after July 31 then you would not need any hours. IF you got it before that date, then you would need hours.

Too late Mike, we have all already seen it

or maybe the state


I try to keep things easy as possible for inspectors and let them know of any methods I find out. Licensing is a friggen joke anyhow and just a way to get money from us.

Methods?? You are only cheating yourself.

I passed the test :slight_smile: With flying colors. So I must have known the information required but you all do whatever you want. I try to save inspectors time and money. Many of you seem to love to just piss it away. Go licensing ain’t it just been great.

In my opinion, it is cheating, sorry to say, but not surprised.

And, if you want to know why, see what it says on the certificate.

I wonder if this would be classified as a violation of the Code of Ethics?

Prove I did not click through the pages skimming the info. I do not design the way things work. I took and passed the test and course with flying colors that cannot be denied.

CE hours require at least 50 minutes of instruction per CE unit to qualify. “Most” online courses are timed. You cheated, no doubt.

Prove it.

I have the same cert as both of you.

Now go and f it up for all the Nachi folks so none of our credits are good.

Damn I never thought I would be the one defending Home Inspectors from other Home inspectors.