Cease and desist

I received a threatening email under the guise of a courtesy notice to cease and desist from using their name and website in all advertizing.
This company objects to the words certified building inspectors in any advertizing and also orlandohomeinspections.com
The truth is I AM NOT THAT STUPID TO USE THEIR WEBSITE ADDRESS AS MY OWN!!! If they would bother to read, my address is orlandohomeinspections.biz apparently they don’t know the difference between .COM and .BIZ
One more thing, if any of you use the wording certified building inspectors in you advertizing watch out, they will be coming for you next.
I am sorry to say that they are both NACHI members and they were one of the companies that pushed for licensing of the home inspection industry.

Thats funny, the .com url seems to be a dead:D

Who are you certified by?

they sound like certified douchebags

Sounds like a jerk.

There is a big difference between a certified home inspector and a certified building inspector. Which is your license…

I went to your state website and cannot find them as a registered business. If they are indeed not registered, I would just register Certified Building Inspectors as a business with the state and send them a cease and desist letter. Pay back can be sweet.

sounds like that group of idiots that claimed they had a copyright on infared testing and sent out letter


Why is the other organization logo a the top of their page and no NACHI?

Isn’t that against the rules?

Simply “registering” your business or a fictitious name does not provide you rights to the exclusive use of it.

This guy has not trademarked the words “certified building inspector” and he has no claim to its use.

Call him up and laugh at him over the phone.

I have not claimed to be a certified building inspector but he was letting me know that that was their company name and I have no right to use those words. I did reply to his email and demanded an apology.

As the owner of JCM Building Services,

I’m here by letting all of you know. If you use the words ‘service’ or ‘building’ in an form, I will threaten you with legal action.

So watch out!

I hope you all know I was kidding…:shock:

I hereby claim exclusive use to the words, Aubrey, Kahn, Aubrey Kahn, The Big Kahn, and any use thereof.

cc: Morgan & Morgan

It is not legally his company name unless he registers it.

Just checked sunbiz.org and they are not listed as a ficticious name. What to tick them off-Get ur done!

I have “home inspection” in my name and you’ll all be receiving letters from me too. :wink:

The Real Estate Industry better be on the lookout also. :mrgreen:

CBI (Certified Building Inspectors) has been around since the 70’s. The founder, Hank Goldberg, who passed away last year, was a pioneer in the Central Florida home inspection field. He would mentor anyone, answer questions, and help just about anybody who asked for help. Many of the top inspectors in Florida knew Hank, and what his company did for our industry.

While I have no idea what claims have been made to, or about, the OP, I think a bit of research would tell you who CBI is in the Orlando market. Call anyone who was involved in Real Estate, inspections, property management, etc. back in the 80’s and 90’s, CBI was the biggest and most respected name around.

I am not involved with, or part of, or associated with CBI. I am not related to anyone that works there. I just want to share the information with Florida inspectors.

No disrespect to Mr. Goldbarg or his family…But who cares. Seriously, this is a here today industry. No waranty no guarantee.
Mr. Kahn should not be harrassed for his choice in business name. In fact, Mr.Kahn should be respected for his ongoing efforts to help the industry and fellow inspectors.

The whole thing is ludicris. If it was done in an effort to respect the memory of Mr. goldberg, it failed.

Thank you for posting and enlightning us :slight_smile: