Ceiling fan switches

I did an inspection earlier this week where neither the garage, kitchen, and add-on porch fan had a switch. The buyer’s realtor is asking me whether this is legal? I know that we are not code inspectors…but does anyone know how to best answer this question?

It is okay to say that you don’t know. Additionally, you are not a code inspector but one could call the local AHJ to inquire, if they wanted to. :slight_smile: Is there an additional ceiling light in those rooms?

There’s no requirement for ceiling fans to have a wall switch.


In the garage there is an additional ceiling light and in the add-on porch area there is an additional light. None of the fans have lights on them.

Only “code” I’m aware of is habitable rooms and bathrooms require a switched controlled light, this may be a switched receptacle except in kitchen and bathroom.

One wall switched lighting outlet at garage.

One outlet at exterior side of doors.

Ceiling fans typically do not require a wall switch, you may want to check with the local authority.