Ceiling fan switches

I did an inspection earlier this week where neither the garage, kitchen, and add-on porch fan had a switch. The buyer’s realtor is asking me whether this is legal? I know that we are not code inspectors…but does anyone know how to best answer this question?

How were they operated/controlled? Remote control?

Yes .

Not a problem as long as it can be controlled by either a remote or a pull switch.

Yep, I see many fans installed without a wall switch or a remote. Pull string operation is all they have, nothing wrong with it. Bedrooms are required to have a wall switched light source though.

I often see this in the bedrooms single wall switch for the ceiling fan and light. Most of the time the home came with just a ceiling light and the homeowner changed it out to a fan. I bet 99% of the time they did not upgrade the box to one rated for use with a ceiling fan.