ceiling sagging

Hi I have a sheetrock plaster ceiling that I just noticed is sagging 2 inches from center to perimeter of room. Room is 20X24. I went in the attic and it does look like the “rafters” are sagging a bit in the middle. I just bought this home. It was built in 1951 but this room looks like it could have been an addition so who knows when it was built. What could be done to stop, or reverse this sag? I would love to do this myself but will hire someone if it is out of my league. Any ideas or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

In my area, plaster was used until ~ the late 1950s and can be dangerous if it comes down in large chunks.

Once you determine whether it is plaster and lathe or sheetrock (Maybe an addition), then a fix can be determined.

ok im pretty sure its sheetrock plaster. but don’t know why is sagging.

I have seen it like that with bad securing.Try and nail a 2x4 maybe foot or so across the end of another and wedge it up to see if it moves back in place. Most people do not even notice a little sag because you are below . I found a bad issue with sag when a seller had placed drywall directly under old plaster and did not screw it into the joists but instead screwed them into the old plaster .

It’s either sheetrock, or plaster.

If the joists are sagging then you likely do not have the support required to hold up the ceiling. If it is the sheetrock or plaster then it is not bonded properly to the ceiling joists. If it is sagging down by 2" it will likely be a tear down and redo as it is sagging to far to rescrew and repair. Just my $.02 for what it is worth.

Thanks guys, i went in the attic and to me it looks like the rafters or joists are sagging. Plaster or sheetrock looks fine. Would you consider this to be a tear down, or could i better secure the joist or rafters?

Not always. It was a common practice in my area in the late 50’s and 60’s to install gypsum board with a 1/2" skim coat of plaster.

For the home owner you need to determine if the drywall/plaster is pulling loose from the ceiling joist; Or if the “sagging rafters” are the issue. Completely different issue, and repairs will also be different.

I believe its sagging rafters ill have someone look at it very soon. What would be the fix if it was sagging rafters?

The rafters are what support the roof. What you’re describing would most likely be “Rafter Ties” or Ceiling Joist, one of the same. The fix would be to hire a Qualified framing carpenter to determine what caused the problem in the first place, then repair/replace as needed.

Since everyone is taking so long to get to the point here. What is the dimension of your ceiling joists (2"x4")? How far are they spanning between supporting walls? That will be what’s needed to understand the possible cause of your problem.