Ceiling tiles and... Asbestos

First question, do you move ceiling tiles? At all? If they’re easy?

Second question, if ceiling tiles are a material that may contain asbestos, then should we not touch them at all?

I suppose it’d be safe to move ceiling tiles if the house is made a few years after 1975?

So can anyone help by providing info on typically what to look for in terms of type of ceiling tiles that may contain asbestos? Thanks!

First question: I’ll move a few if I have a reason.
Second question: I’ll move them even if I suspect they have asbestos.
Third question: How Can I Tell if My Ceiling Tiles Are Made With Asbestos? | Asbestos 123


Yes, I remove some ceiling tiles. I go for hot spots, under exterior doors, deck connections and under plumbing.

In my report, I state just what I did. Though not required by my SOP, I lifted a few ceiling tiles here, here and here then my observations and limitations.



You quite simply cannot determine it visually.
The age of the building is a clue, but only a clue.
My local lab charges $45 to look at a sample under a microscope and determine the asbestos content (if any).

The back of the ceiling tile MAY, but probably does NOT indicate who made it and when.



I always did. It is amazing what one can see/find above the ceiling tiles.


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Thanks for all your replies everyone.

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