Asbestos Ceiling Tiles?

House built in 1967, tiles are 12"x12". Are these most likely asbestos-containing ceiling tiles? I know the only way to be sure is through laboratory testing and an asbsetos specialist, but I’d appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

Reference the ceilings with a notation that the material may contain asbestos.

Provide a link to the EPA Website for your client to review.

Some buildings had the ceiling tiles attached to decking with asbestos containing mastic.

Speaking of asbestos…I rarely get calls for old homes. Yesterday I had a 80 year old ‘dump’ with duct tape wrapped at seams. The back side of the tape appeared to have an asbestos like material adhered to it. Was asbestos used to make this old tape? No pics until tomorrow and some are real gems. :wink:

Thanks Erol

If you’re talking about tape that is white (or was) and gauze-like yes that was before duct tape we have today. Sometimes entire ducts were wrapped with it. Easy to remove- just spray with water, let it soak and peel it off. I’ve seen it in cork insulation, steam pipes wrapped with asbestos rope etc.

Here’s a pic. Yes there’s a hole in the duct too. :wink:


That material definitely looks suspicious. I would recommend further evaluation. It’s friable and damaged.

ahhhhhhh…The life of a home inspector.

Tim, as you have stated it would need testing to be sure. Having said that I would treat that age of tile as being suspect. Doug

Thanks to everyone for your posts. I appreciate it very much!