Asbestos tile Question

I Had a client ask me if these were asbestos ceiling tiles or not. This is in a 50’s block style commercial building. It does have a suspended ceiling below it. I dont test for Asbestos, (and told him so) but wondered if anyone else would have a quick answer.
If not, where could I recommend he have one tested? They look like paperboard to me.

A small sample to a good lab. Last one I did, 35 bucks.

What Lab was that Duke? Prolab?

Yup. Just took a small sample, into a zip lock bag, off to Pro_lab and shazzam, no asbestos.

Read earlier today that if it is before 1980 and is white or grey at the center it is most likely asbestos but brown it is not.
No idea of accuracy.

Another possible option:

Remove Asbestos Ceiling Tiles
Asbestos ceiling tiles were commonly used in homes and buildings before the 1970s. Asbestos is a fiber that was once used in “acoustic” ceilings which were also called “drop” or “suspended” ceilings. Before the carcinogenic affects of asbestos were known; many people were unfortunately exposed to these fibers since they were often used in numerous different materials includingroofingand ceiling products.

Asbestos is only dangerous if the material is airborne; therefore, contaminated ceiling tiles are only harmful if damaged. If you would like to remove these tiles from your ceiling, it is best to have a licensedcontractorcomplete thejobfor you. If you decide to remove the tiles yourself, you will need to proceed with extreme care and caution.

things you’ll need:
Asbestos Ceiling Tiles
Tyvek Suit
Safety Glasses
6 mil polyethylene bag
Yellow Bags for Asbestos
Duct Tape
HEPA Vacuum
Approved Respirator
HEPA Filters
Water with Detergent
Spray Bottle

The adhesive (the round globs) usually comtained asbestos too. Take a separate sample of that too.

In the 50’s I think the questions should be “What doesn’t contain asbestos.”