cement sinks

How many inspectors call out these old cement sinks.



Only if the legs or connection points are loose as in many instances.

Only if there is an issue with them.

They were prohibited sometime in the 80’s.

406.3 UPC Fixed wooden, concrete, cement, or tile wash trays or sinks for domestic use shall not be installed in any building designed or used for human habitation.


Interesting. Did a $1.5 million dollar home last month. Custom made concrete counters and sinks. There are lots of companies out there pushing the “greenness” of concrete.

2004 UPC deleted concrete and cement.

I did not know that. I dont have that edition, any requirements for smooth non porous finish.


Many of our high-end homes now have concrete sinks, concrete countertops, concrete walls, and concrete floors, especially the lofts in downtown San Diego near Petco Park.

I’ve seen all the other component concrete but not the sinks. We’re still working off the 1991 UBC, so no concrete sinks.


I think you are a little behind the times. See:

State of Hawaii Administrative Rules
Title 3
Department of Accounting and General Services
Subtitle 14
State Building Code Council
Chapter 183
State Plumbing Code
SubChapter 1, Rules of General Applicability
§ 3-183-4

Adoption of the Uniform Plumbing Code. The “Uniform Plumbing Code, 2006 Edition”, including all appendices as copyrighted and published by International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, 5001 East Philadelphia Street, Ontario, CA 91761-2816 is incorporated by reference and made part of this chapter. This incorporation by reference includes all parts of the Uniform Plumbing Code subject to the amendments hereinafter set forth. [Effective Apr 16, 2010] (Auth: HRS §107-29) (Imp: HRS §§107-24. 107-25)

I love concrete sinks.
The plastic tubs seem cheap and stain easy.

I have one in the basement laundry room. They are great until one of the legs rusts and it comes crashing down on your toes. Up a little late Bob?

Yes, that just took affect. So maybe I’ll start see these new sinks when they start building again.


Only if it is not functioning as intended.