Old pipes in slab

I’ve got these old pipes in a split level (1960’s home). All I can do is write them up as a trip hazard but I thought I’d ask the brain trust if they’ve seen this sort of abandoned pipe before. Client asked what I thought it was, I just told him I’d ask some experts.

Stub-out for a bathroom. Once that slab is poured, nobody wants to tear it open to add piping later.

Really? My assumption was old plumbing but it just seemed weird that they would install extras that were maybe never used.

Common practice. Many home owners want the rough plumbing installed so they can finish the basement themselves, (common not only today, but especially in the 60’s), saving money on their mortgage and taxes (they usually don’t get a permit when they do finish it).

Obviously, I am only seeing your photo on the internet, and have to assume it’s purpose (pretty obvious though if you visualize the distances for a bathroom). I would simply refer the client to the seller for definitive information. If you state that the piping is for a future bathroom, and it isn’t, well, that wouldn’t be good. I would refer to a plumber to verify it’s use, and also to test for integrity. I wouldn’t trust anything sitting unused for 50+ years!!

Hahaha. Yes. Good thing he doesn’t want to convert the area to another bedroom.