Certified Pool Inspector Training

Hello everyone,

I am brand new to Internachi and have a few questions regarding training and education. I live in New Jersey and would like to specialize in pool inspections. Exactly what courses and certifications do I need in order to get started in this field? Is there a specific order in which they needed to be completed. Thank you in advance for any assistance !

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InterNACHI only has two pool classes. Take 'em both.

Then find a good pool contractor to explain how to properly bond things and other tidbits that get left out of the Nachi class.


if you plan on doing commercial for apartments, hotels, motels, etc. you may want to get CPI/CPO certified
NSPF Educational Opportunities | Certified Pool Operator Certification Course (cpo.training)

Hey @srobertson10, what route did you end up taking here? Were you able to connect with a pool contractor? I’m in a similar scenario as you!