Pool and Spa Course ?

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I have been scouring the site but can not seem to find any type of Pool and Spa course or info. I took ITA s course several years ago but im trying to find NACHI stuff.

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It is still in production.
I took this course http://nspfcart.eproacademy.org/store/comersus_viewItem.asp?idProduct=4 . Good course but it is really made for a health inspector.

I have been trying to talk Nick into setting up a section inf ComSOP for this an developing a course since a lot of commercial properties have these features.

Someone else start nagging him about it…I am tired of beating a dead horse.

Only certification worth while is CPO, goto www.nspf.org for training info.
3 day class and lunch is free:mrgreen: My training I think was $389.00



Try this school if they are in your area.
Champions-Catalog.pdf (application/pdf Object)

I agree with Scott. Most of my calls for pool inspections are for commercial properties.

Thanks everybody!
Here in FL every other house has a pool. So you get a lot of requests to inspect pool along with house for resell. Looks like NSPF has what I will get in the near future. " Swimming pool operator" followed by Inspecto Certification.
Right now I have bigger fish to fry, Figuring out how to be able to do Wind Mit. Inspections without having a GCs Lisc.

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