:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Guess somebody is giving ole Nickey some competion,
Hmmmm Why aren’t nachi/ nickie certified inspectors listed on their site as qualified inspectors?:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Dan, are you listed as one of their qualified inspectors??

Heck no… I ain’t stupid enough to certifiy somebody elses house:roll: :roll:
Never heard of them until the email I received today.

Hey Dan, no offence but I think that’s the smartest thing I’ve seen you write.

Not sure if that’s a complement or not.
Seriously why would anybody think they don’t have any liability on a listing inspection.,
Add to that you certified that home.
If they really believe disclaimers and all other BS will save them they should attend a couple meetings and hear the customers complaints and expectations of us, and how a lawyer will eat your disclaimers up for a few thousand $$$$
Truth is the only people that will not be held liable and will benefit on this type of BS is the org owner that makes you believe he’s giving you something for free, in the hopes of inspectors paying him $ to be certified or somebody that makes you pay to be listed on their site.


I just received the same e-mail.

Did you sign up ? :slight_smile:

I tried but they said that I have to be ASHI “certifiable” to sign up!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I feel left out :—)

Better off left out of the fee. Check it out. They charge you big time. For what?

Gosh you guys a whopping up ole Michael.:smiley: :smiley:

That’s even after he rescued ole nickie from illeagly using another companys photos, by providing his photos, major discounts to nacho members only including $500 off new software.:roll: :roll:

Last I heard it was Michael that proposed the certifed pre owned home thingy to Nick in Colorado a few months ago, now you are saying that Michael stole the info/ thery from Nick.:roll: :roll:

What ever happened to the $200,000 that Michael gave to Nick for boxes in front of all realtor offices across the country, been looking around here, haven’t seen nary a one yet.:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Sometimes gifts come at a price with strings attached


Isn’t that the truth… From what I’ve read there are actually some people out there that actually believe a person has to prove knowledge and experience of their profession prior to them marketing them as professionals …That’s a real bummer,:frowning: :frowning:
oh well, good news is at least there is somebody that could care less about a persons qualifications , will take another persons idea,marketing proposal, and will give instant certifications with no verifications or strings attached to the less fortunate.

Dan writes:

Yeah, but it ain’t ASHI, send in a check and shazam!: http://www.ashi.org/inspectors/join/associate_application.pdf

Hey Nick.
Did you send me the greenie with the comment… welcome back… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
This bb was starting to get real boring , no drama, :twisted: :twisted: not to mention the # of real people looking at it was waaaay down for the last couple weeks.

The recent hottest topic I noticed, some are resorting to have others pray with them for their favorite base ball team to win :mrgreen:

Mr Harris

I have a problem with knowledge and experience when mixed with certain business philosophy

If I as a vendor were to do to my clients what some vendors have tried to do to HI inspectors I would think of some other profession

Yes, I might as a vendor, come up with a good idea but if I try to sell it when its worth is not known to people with the idea of making $$ without giving a darn if the HI make a $ or not it is a scam

Vendors like the rest of us are in it for the money. Their clients are us and our clients are home owners.

If we as HI try to sell a service that is not worth its market value we are out of business, same with vendors

Look at it this way NACHI is a vendor to 10,000 clients. Mike is not. If the product is good it will sell. It has nothing to do with knowledge and experience.

It is the value of the idea and its marketing.

**If Mike marketed it wrong he makes no money **

Real simple

Remember that as an HI most of us must make the $$ before we spend it to a vendor. We as a profession do not go into business ventures thinking that it will pay off tomorrow

When I bought my mold equipment it was payed for before I received it in the mail. My NACHI membership was paid for in 90 days with the Internet listing. It is all a matter of return on investment

If Mike has a good program and markets its well he will get the clients. Right now he has dropped the ball big time in a lot of areas. If he is good he will come back. Not a problem. It is just business

Too bad that you can not see the big picture

It is called value of service and Mike has failed at this moment

Sorry to jump on your back but perhaps my knowledge and experience in the business world will be a help to you to see that you are arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

BTW Why don’t you again become a NACHI member? It seems that you still enjoy our BB


Mr Harris

Have a good day

Unless you have something of value to say please do not continue to post

It just takes up disk space on the NACHI server that you are not paying for and I am


Ahhhh you got the … Do Not Feed The Troll… memo:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Mr Harris

What are you trying to post?

Something is being lost in your ability to type

What is your problem? – Too many beers?


Yeah, and damm if it didn’t work!!!