CPOL Certified Pre Owned Listing

I just received an email to join there site as an inspector. If you scroll down to the bottom of the first page it has a spot to click on associations. It states - The following is a brief overview of the two most revered and respected national associations for home inspectors - Imagine that! Nachi is not one of them. Can someone contact them so they can update their site to include NACHI



I don’t think you will convince Mr. Rowan, former CMI president, that NACHI deserves to be mentioned on his competing pre-listing inspection service. Besides, not too many NACHI inspectors would pay him for something that Nick provides free in the form of “Move In Certified” inspections.

Let them revere themselves.

We will not be seeking to be included.

Seems like that guy would stab you in the back regardless of the situation…unreal to say the least…:twisted:

What does he do hang out here and patiently wait for you to come up with another idea he can try and screw money out of people with it?..:twisted:


Nice post.

Many of us simply see this as a recurring pattern for this individual and his org.

The MIC Program of NACHI is a better offering as it is more inclusive of all types of Property Sale / Transfer.

A **CertifiedPreOwnedListing **
has a short sighted view limiting itself to Pre-Owned Properties Only.

NACHI recognized the potential and focus of this type of program while the others in the rush to copy / imitate are left with what they sought out.

A Cheap Imitation.

Joe H is correct. The word “listing” is highly associated with homes for sale by REALTORs. More and more the trend is FSBO (for sale by owner) and seller assist services.

It is expected that within the next 4 years, 1/2 of all homes will be sold without the services of a REALTOR.

Remember, REALTORs don’t take 6% of equity. They take 6% of gross which is sometimes 100% of equity. With the 103% financing offered over the last decade, most don’t have an extra 6% of gross to give up at the closing table.

If this program is anything like the master inspector alliance that I was cordialy invited to join earlier this year, you get to market your services and then pay them a PHAT % of everything you make for the use of their answering service, their report writing program etc.

To get their listings posted on the web-site realtors only have to pay a small pittance of $200 for 6 months, per home. That is if the home has a passing grade of 70% or better.

Great program, where do I throw up, I mean sign up?:mrgreen:

Exactly. Stick with www.MoveInCertified.com

Our name is a POSTITIVE “Move In Certified” not a negative “Pre-owned.”

Our name is good for all sellers, not just real estate “listings”.

Your liability is zip.

Our system is simpler.

Our upload is fetchreport friendly.

And our fee is right… free, forever.

When will mike be removed from the CMI advisory board at http://www.certifiedmasterinspector.org/cmi/contact.htm

This from Chris last week:

I wouldn’t worry too much about them … and hat CPOL logo looks like something of the side of a Russian school bus. Wait, isn’t that a breath losenge?

Oh, that reminds me. I still had that guys mug on our chapters website. Wait, I’ll be right back…

OK Done



He may be using NACHI’s inspector/member database to distribute info about CPOL. His site does not include NACHI. He’s a NACHI member who has never touted this org unless it was somehow connected to him. Doesnt seem right.

As to the previous question…

When will mike be removed from the CMI advisory board at http://www.certifiedmasterinspector.org/cmi/contact.htm