Thanks Nick !!!!

With litterlly 100s of venders wanting our $$s I just wanted to say thanks For providing continued updated information on venders that support your org.
With this information It sure makes it a lot easier for non members to choose or to not chose a vender when your aware of their business ethics and what type of people they support by offering discounts only to people that are willing to pay you 289.00 to certifiy them.

Hi Dan, what’s been going on?

You are such a NACHI basher. LOL

I know your just bored and want to rattle Nick’s cage.:smiley:

Have no fear he seems to thrive on it.:roll:

I took some of your advice and I have been doing warranty inspections at about 15% of my total this last month. It took a little while to kick in , but it’s a pretty good market.:cool:

Thanks for your help!:smiley:


Perhaps you could start by finding a vendor that could teach you to use the spell check function, or maybe the grammer function. Thanks for keeping more mindless automatons out of forward-thinking classrooms!

NACHI- $289, Test
NAHI-$937.50, No Test
ASHI-$1057.50, No Test

Yes Mr. Harris, you are correct. Being a vendor to the home inspection industry, all I want to do is suck as many $$$ out of your pocket as possible.:roll:

Actually, I want to see as many inspectors as possible succeed, and if they use our products, all the better. As far as I know, everyone who has purchased from us has done it of their own free will, without coercion.

Best of luck in your business.

Hi to all,

Dan, I usually avoid your urinary comments like the plague, however you have descended to a new level of irrationality, do you really believe that any vendor in their right mind would consider trading the turnover of one or two bitter and twisted inspectors for the advantages of being exposed to many thousand ??

I think not


Honestly Dan…don’t you have anything better to do with your day?

Or are you just upset that you haven’t been able to pass the NACHI test yet?

Just curioius where you got those numbers. I’m an ASHI member and haven’t had to pay that much. One time they asked for some extra money about 3 years ago but it still didn’t add up to that. ANd I’m sure that you all know that to be a full member you must pass the NHIE and Standards of practice for ASHI.

Dan, the vendors, like the many in don’t support NACHI. NACHI doesn’t sell them ad space (read the rent policy at the bottom of In fact, a 106 million hit per year website doesn’t even sell so much as a banner ad. The vendors have never paid anything to NACHI, though they offer me fat checks every week!!! $$$$.

**INSTEAD… **I have the vendors give the money directly to NACHI members in the form of discounts. See I don’t take vendor money and I don’t give a rat’s a$s about vendors… except to the extent that they help NACHI members.