I am totally into the idea of teaching continuing education credits at local realtor offices. Has anyone ever used or worked with preferred education (inspection marketer)? They basically set you up with course templates and file all the required information with the state to allow you to teach ensure the course is credited to the realtors who attended. A little pricey… but seriously considering. I just don’t have the time to put together a course, file all paperwork necessary for course approval and after teaching. Seems like it would pay off. Any thoughts or previous experiences with this topic?

I think NACHI offered this for free in the not too distant past.
They would do all the leg work to get you set up with the State of Ohio.

Try emailing Nick

I agree with William. I would see if you can use the InterNACHI approved courses before spending money for it.

NACHI is an appoved state education provider in every state. Just got to get the course you want to use approved. I held the largest attended class my board has ever had. I tried holding another CE class several years later and they wanted me to pay the Board $200 on top of the rest of costs such as food I paid last time. I declined. A Realtor cannot ask for a kick back, but a Board can in my state.

I am hoping NACHI is puting together a course to explain the new prelisting inspection program to Realtors. If so, I will probably present a course to the smaller Board in my area, that way the Realtors from the larger Board still can attend.