Challenger electrical panel overheating

Are certified inspectors trained to know if a particular electrical panel is faulty for causing fires? We just bought a home built in 1994 and had it inspected prior to buying and the electrical panel came back satisfactory according to the report. But when we tried to insure the home, we were told that it needed to be replaced or they would drop us from their policy. This is a 2300$ problem that we now have to fix and would have had the previous owners did had we known this beforehand. We feel the inspector should have known this as it’s a very common problem with Sylvania, federal Pacific, Challenger, and one other I can’t rmbr. Turns out, upon researching that it’s all the same manufacturer and they no longer make them. I’ve also been told by multiple electricians recently that this is a known problem as the Challenger is supposed to trip when overloaded yet doesn’t and causes fires.
Does the certified training that inspectors receive mention this? Are they supposed to know that these cause fires and aren’t satisfactory? What does the inspectors insurance cover?

Inspectors are not trained to know if a certain panel will cause a fire or not. And, It is not part of our Standards of Practice.

You might try a different insurance carrier as some accept some panels and some don’t, especially in FL.

The best to you.

You must be in Florida. Home of the wacky insurance companies.

Haha yes, Florida of course.

I see plenty of in service challenger panels here. I certainly would not make issue of that panel just because of the name brand. You need to fire that insurance company

Amber, just out of curiosity, how do you know the seller would have replaced the electrical panel for $2,300 had you asked them? Please also tell us the specific model number for the panel and the references indicating such panels have inherent defects requiring replacement. It would also help knowing which insurance company is declining coverage and any details they or the agents have provided you backing their decision.