Challenger panel, eaton label

Curious when Eaton bought out challenger? Or if they did? This panel has a challenger enclosure, (latch on the front says challenger), but the interior label says Eaton, and it has half challenger breakers, and half cutler hammer breakers. The main disconnect is also challenger. Wondering how to narrate this, because many insurance companies will not insure challenger panels. If they just replace the challenger breakers, could it then be considered Eaton?
From what I understand, all three of these companies are owned by Eaton now?


You can mention that the insurance may have an issue but those breakers are not the type that challenger had problems with. Those are the same style breaker that Eaton uses today. You can however change them to Eaton breakers. This letter should be a good reference for you:

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You know, I have not seen very many panels that look that pristine. Everything labelled, wire exquisitely run. The SOP does not require naming components so why bother.


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Is there an issue with this style of Challenger circuit breakers? They seem to look almost the same as the CH ones in the panel.

Thanks for the info! I did tell them it may come up with the 4 point insurance report, but that the breakers can be replaced if its an issue. thx

Pretty nice looking installation except for the over crowded main SEC knockout.

How Larry?

I was thinking by having the correct labeling of circuits done, would help the client.

It appears that I was mistaken in my understanding…mea culpa.

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Those cables do not enter the panel in a code compliant method.

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Home inspectors do not do code!


If inspectors know some codes, it may help them in knowing that there may be other things to look for. Some of which may be safety issues.

Yes we do, everyday. 95% of defects called out are part of the code and or manufacturer instructions. If it’s unsafe and can overheat and cause a fire are you going to claim I did not call it out because I wasn’t doing a code inspection. Don’t understand why I keep hearing this.


Simon is correct. We do not site the actual code but we inspect based on code in many areas of the home. Just don’t use the word “code” in your report.

The challenger style of your circuit breakers are type “C”. This is the standard newer style SAFE circuit breaker. On the label you will see the Eaton part number as well as the Challenger part number. There is nothing strange about this panel. Attached is a link to identify all circuit breakers that challenger used in their residential panels

identify challenger residential circuit breakers with pictures