Champlain Towers South 2018 report

Alain. I concur. Very little useful information obtained. SOP, if that, plain and simple.

Besides the structural section, my commercial/residential building reports reach over 100 pages at times. About to perform a 28 unit building next week. All 28 units, common areas, lot and the building. I am taking 3 days off to complete the report.

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I have had the “tool” for decades. I use it to tap soffits as well as pool tiles.
I have the part that goes along with it as well…:wink:

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As expected…knowing miami dade like i do…


Surfside collapse: Video shows water gushing into garage before building fell.

Although we don’t see the video is it safe to say the water had to come from the pool?

New article has maintenance people pumping salt water out of the basement at high tide. Sounds like the deterioration began with the columns under the pool deck.

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I believe the tool he was mentioning was a golf club.


Or maybe a golf ball.

Over my head. Thanks.