Leaning tower of pier!

Leaning tower of pier, and cracked floor joist.

DSC06947 (Custom).JPG


boy it’s a good thing they had all those blocks there to catch the house when it dropped.

You’ve got the leaning towers, I’ve got the boats:


Here’s five of my best foundation pictures from past inspections.

I seem to run into interesting foundations as often as Jeff runs into really, really bad Zinsco electric panels.

01 Crawl space foundation 1 (Small).jpg

01 Crawl space foundation 1 (Small).jpg

01 Foundation stones (Small).jpg

01 Crawl space 9 (Small).jpg

01 Crawl space foundation 2 (Small).jpg

01 Crawl space (Small).jpg

… And no it does not need the review of an engineer! It requires rebuilding/replacement for the leaning concrete blocks. Their is nothing wrong with CMU as long as they are placed on thier sides, not as in the photo.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

Depending on their use. I’m not sure I would want to attempt to do the engineering calculations for CMU stacks supporting a house. CMU has its place, just not as loose foundation components.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

log support.jpg

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Hey Raymond;

I know what the bearing capacities are for lumber, and with all stability and lateral stability aside, would you think anyone knew of the load capacity of the soil was for this 2x6 footer.??? ha. ha.


Man, I see this stuff all the time up in these little mountain cabins. The further back from the road you get, the worse the floor supports get because they always undersized and overspanned the joists way back when.
But you know, as long as the crawlspace stays dry, they’ll stay that way for a long, long time with no problem. Sure freaks people out though.

I hear ya!

In Wisconsin it is lake homes, and of course rural vacation homes. The thing that always amazes me is how much people remodel and expand on these cabins when the population grows in the area, and they are converted to year-round homes.

A few more for good measure.