Chapter 2 - FVIR water heaters

Just to clear the air, Kenton was sure the WH data plate would Identify the FVIR WH. Not so fast. Here is the data plate from my recently installed WH.

Don’t see those letters anywhere, however a little web sleuthing turned up this:


from an AOSmith product description:

so all you need to see is that ANSI Z21.10.1 rating on the tag. That is the standard that identifies FVIR compliance rating. ALL Water Heaters manufactured after 2005 in North America are FVIR rated!


Good info, Bob.

They had closet installations before FVIR. I’m just clarifying the applicable standard, which is what is on the data plate (ANSI Z21.10.1)

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Good to know, Bob! Thanks! :smile:

And it looks to be only one year old nice work.

And just to clear the air, I didn’t say I was sure Bob. I said “I can’t imagine…”. So now I can. Best not to put words in people’s mouths, please.

Are you sure now? or are you still imagining?