Chapter Listings on the Left Hand side of this bb?

Where did they go? Sure was handy when someone called inquiring about a chapter.

Someone please point me in the right direction.

Thanks Joe.

Sure was easier when all you had to do was click on the word Chapters, though.

NACHI Message Board

Look on the left between “Inspection Photo Gallery and Featured Inspectors”

Inspection Photo Gallery



Featured Inspectors

Exactly where I am talking about Joe.

It used to have every chapter listed with the Chapter President, contact info, etc.

The page being displayed now is of no use in quickly finding chapters in states.


What are you talking about?
This list displays all the information you are seeking.

Must be me then. Mine takes me to the Events page and then you have to click again for the Chapters. No big deal. I can handle it.

You’re not getting this when you click “Chapters”?

I only get that page when I am in legacy mode. Otherwise I get this:

And by the way this chapter no longer exists.


Arizona Chapter
Contact - Mark Thomas
Location - Oro Valley, AZ
Phone - (520) 906-3596
Fax - (419) 831-3314
Email -


same here.

Why? Is it that the chapter no longer exist or just that the person operating it no longer exists. Please contact with your reasons. Maybe they can find someone to take it over.


The power that be( Nick) was informed over 1 year ago by Mark and then again 6-8 months ago by me on the old MB.

Reason was, there were only 5or 6 of us that showed up after the first meeting.

It does not really matter to me if it’s listed. I was just pointing out the error.

Well that explains it, then. I utilize the LEGACY mode and it works fine for me.

It must be the Forum Skin that you all are utilizing. Sounds like an issue for Chris.