Charcoal grill inspection

We had a charcoal grill catch fire, no injury or damage, but are in need of someone to inspect the grill to determine if it was a faulty grill or if it was user error. We have 250 more grills out with consumers and are not sure if we need to recall. Do you know where I can find an inspector? Location is Metairie, La 70003.

Not the right place for this question.

Is your grill compliant with accepted standards?

ANSI Z21.89-2007/CSA 1.18-2007, Outdoor Cooking Specialty Gas Appliances

I will do it !
$175 per grill.
However, I have to test it with a nice pork backstrap. That is the only way to know for sure.
Oh! Yes! Please bring the dark lager …That is a must… I may haveta put the fire out…Hopeful not!
On these inspections it usually take me a couple of day to make sure the grill is acceptable for consumer use.

PS: Good potato salad will make the inspection more smooth…Yep!

Oh! Your in Louisiana !
We would asuradly have to do a crawdad boil on these suspected grills…Yep! .
It would haveta have a really thick gumbo just to make sure that The grill would be accessible in your area.
Cajun music would havta be a must If I’m gonna do the inspection.

You can contact me at.
1st Pro Inspection

Or 386-454 one five 8 four.
I’ll be waiting for your call…