Indoor wood burning grill

Found this at yesterday’s inspection. Cast iron wood burning grill mounted in brick, overhead hood with old-style pull-chain vent fan that was non-functional.

Is indoor installation acceptable? Sorry I don’t have the name brand.

Did the burner box have an outside flue?


System needs a Chimney.

Recommend further review (Level 2) of the system.

This was located in the kitchen, backing the fireplace and chimney in the family room. The flue could join into the fireplace flue, but was unable to see; vent grating was blocked on the bottom end.

The vent grating was horizontal and faced down toward the grill; the non-functioning vent fan would pull air into this space.

Pic is the chimney at the exterior

There appears to be several flues at the chimney.

Recommend a Level 2 Inspection / Certification of the Chimney and Flues.

Thank you, Joseph

I will forward the link to the client