Check List forms


I just getting started as a home inspector and currently working on my 30 parallel home inspections. What I was looking for was a hard or soft copy of a home inspection check list. One that lists the inspection room by room,condition,problems etc . Does anybody have one I can use or know of where I can purchase one? Thank you:mrgreen:

email me at
see the ebay listing


I may have something, too. Where are you located?

whis11 @ (Take the spaces out and email me.)

E-mail me as well I think I have an old one filed somewhere.

I am getting started myself and have looked at several “list”. May i gain some insight?


George at posted a copy of a free checklist type .pdf software that may help you in the interim.

Dominic at may be able to help as well.

You guys have lots of options out there!

And most of the folks that deal with this stuff are very helpful.


As Tim said, if you need a 90 day license of HIP just let me know I’d be happy to send you one. You can also just download the trial and print out a blank report to get a list if you want one.

Just ordered a copy of the inspection report on Ebay! Thanks!