New inspector

Hey guys I am new to the home inspection field and this forum! I have a construction background any pointers and tips would be appreciated, thanks

Just through out a question and please tell us where you live by filling out the profile.

Join InterNachi and take all the free educational stuff.
Then join the Message Board and be careful to who you listen too!

Welcome. :):wink:

Welcome John!
1st advice would be to run with a seasoned home inspector for a while. Do some research on that seasoned home inspector and make sure his/her credentials are what they are!
2nd Advice, go on a few more inspections with other seasoned homies as each will have a specialty.
3rd make sure you make up a good inspection routine and always try to inspect houses the same way (preferably in the order you write your report). This will help cut down on misses.
4th don’t bother asking for which software to get, just go here, read up and invest in a good software that will cut writing time :wink:
5th do not hesitate to post questions even if you get some crack donkey answers from some guys who forgot they were a newbie at one time.

Yes go Home Inspector Pro even though I use Home Gauge. I have had no trouble but someone has told me Inspector Pro is easier to learn.

Kevin, I use HIP, if you don’t, you don’t know what you are missing.

If you are going to recommend it, use it, and don’t acknowledge you are using another report software.

It is just not right.

I am from south Ga. I’m in the process of taking the classes to get my certified now. How long does it usually take to start making a living doing this?

Pay attention to things people like Marcel says, don’t, under any circumstances, listen to anything that Wood has to say about anything.

He is completely full of s***

Cheers, and welcome

Your just mad at what has just happened but it is OK I will let you have your run.

John, for your own good I strongly recommend that you take Doug’s advise.

Do Not listen to Anything or to any references Kevin W may offer.

The CMI logo on his signature is definitely misrepresented.

That is fine guys it seems like there are allot of misconceptions as to the knowledge I have. I will admit that it is not all in Home Inspection and the road to become a CMI was not easy for me. If I had started 12 years back in Home Inspection I might be more qualified but then again maybe not.

That will depend on how aggressive you are getting your name out there.
The first year will most likely be rough and unless you have money set aside for those first years, you might think about keeping your day job.
If you are still in business 3 years from now, then you should be OK.
You NEED to get a website NOW, it doesn’t have to be perfect, you’ll have plenty of time to refine it in the next year or so. It will take time for it to come out of Google’s sandbox.

It takes awhile to start making enough to live on but if you stick it out the money can be great. I am in about 2 1/2 years now and am finally seeing the benifits of all the hard work. Market the heck out of your self starting now. Talk to anyone that will listen so when you get certified people will know your name and company. Hopefully your first thread does not get hijacked. Read through all the BS and ask lots of questions. Now you just need to join up!! LOL

Also watch out for the vindictive ones on the Message board they are few and far between but the Big Boss has no control over the posts unless they attack Nachi or are very serious attacks on Inspectors.

Just read a few posts on the MB, and you will soon learn whose advise to avoid.

And the ones that are very vindictive, irrogant, know it alls, old shool and all around complete bullies.

Hi John B…
I educated with several HI company’s, collages and looked at most of the associations in Canada and the States
My best advice “join INACH.”
I have been at it a little over 2.4 years. Certified 1.4 years and 50 association certified E&O insured inspections under my belt.

Free education with updates on a regular bases.
Ben Gromicko at the helm for education and never stops.
Brother Nick the King of the INACHI association and marketing genius.
The best HI educator’s in North America on the MB.
Best home Inspection education Free and updates at a pace that is unheard of.
Video tutorials “now that just crazy.” Nice little INACHI jingle to.:slight_smile:

IR by John McKenna Lowest pricing in Cameras.
Radon. Clean air IAC2 - WDO Wood destroying Organisms and more.
Did I mention free John?
Marcel Cyr, Kenton the roofing guru, Jeff Pope all around wizz, Frank Magdefrau never seen that much but guaranteed to help when he can.
The list of authorities is endless.
There are even authorities that think they are authorities. HA HA HA Just kidding.

Its the real world of Home Inspecting.
To me some of the besteest bunch of guys I have had the pleasure of knowing…
Please join the INACHI crowd. Its the only way to go in my opinion.

What ever your choice is John we wish you all the best.
Remember being in the seconds, third of forth best home inspection association not al that bad. “Just means you have to work harder”:wink:

All you need to do is go to the benefits section and see that there is over $50,000 in value sticking with interNachi. Start learning and never stop.
When your not inspecting make it your job to continue learning off the MB and CE’s offered by any recognized org. When you are not make marketing your other job.
Oh and I agree with Robert on all the people he mentioned plus many many more.


As a brand new inspector myself, I could give you tips all day. Here is my newest tip for us new guys that I learned the hard way.