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Nick, the problem I’m still seeing is “Inspector Locater” has nothing to do with the 20 Zip Codes we have listed!!!

I put in 48346 as the zip code and I am not listed at all (32miles away). I am more than 20 miles away from any zip code I have done business in!

Zip Code 48346 is in Oakland county Michigan. The wealthiest county in Michigan & the last time I checked it was the 5th wealthiest in the USA.
*** Chrysler HQ, Kmart World HQ, Lots of property owned by lots of famous people… My mother who doesn’t know who these people are has bumped into them at the Post Office several times. She found out who they were when the clerk told her. ***

Inspector Locater needs to be changed from using our home address to using our 20 Zip Codes.

I, as many, can not promote something that will not do us any good. Don’t get me wrong, I do think Inspector Locater is a good service but, it keeps me from having my phone ring.

What’s with the IE logo? Does anyone still use that buggy browser?

Jason, correct. Years ago NACHI had big battles over how our search engines should work. The threads are really long and on the archived message board if yoiu want to go back and review. There were 3 groups each arguing for the searches to work their way. We solved it by making a site for each. www.FindanInspector.US works off your 20 zips (the market you want), works off your primary zip (where you sleep at night), and works off ancillary inspections (what services you offer).

I agree with everything but this statement. Who cares how far away my house is? The question is, do I work in that zip code? Inspector locator fails miserably.


It pulls inspectors from 20 miles away that do that service, then pulls all inspectors within 20 miles. So if you are within 20 miles & do the service requested you will be returned in the results 2 times. That is great!

I just feel a little left out in the cold is all. Even on all of the NACHI pages is hidden away at the top of the page, with gray font on another shade of gray background. If you don’t know it’s there you will never see it. It doesn’t even look like it is a link to me. InspectorSEEK did get an upgrade from 20 miles to 50 miles. (I just checked it. I am listed as 21.79 miles away.)

I understand, with so many inspectors, you can not please everyone all the time.

Quick comment: Every call I have received for doing Home Inspections from the internet has come from “Yahoo Local”. I have yet to find anyone who has found me any other way when using the computer.

I keyed in my zip code - exact match - and was 24th down the list–I am the only one who “sleeps at night” in my zip.


Again, we went through all these arguments for more than a year on the archived board. You can review the reasoning behind what we all came to agree on by visiting: There were strong arguments on all sides, so we built a site for each.

You can view it all in-depth at the archived message board.

There are some parity functions built into the searches too. Also, after performing a search… hit your refresh button and check it out again.

Jae Williams:

I checked your zip code entries. When you join, your primary zip code is auto included in your 20 zips. You removed 45241 (your primary zip code) from your list of 20.

You basically took yourself out of the database which tries to push visitors toward inspectors in their neighborhood. I recommend that you put 45241 back.


Here are the zips you have listed…

45069, 45014, 45040, 45107, 45236, 45015, 45240, 45067, 45215, 45242, 45202, 45243, 45036, 45013, 45246, 45212, 45011, 45044, 45249, 45039

You forgot your own zip!

I’m still looking for the Live Stock on that site.
May be looking into getting some goats to keep the chickens happy . . .

Nick that same thing happened to me, because the directions I think tell you that you are automatically included and don’t need to enter your own zip. I can’t remember for sure, but I think that is what happened.

If you are not listed here, you are not listed…