Check out the new gun I got for Christmas.

Can you guess what type of gun it is?

automatic anchors?


Caulk or grease gun?

Powered grease gun.

Do it yourself colonoscope?

Ouch !!!

Now thats just funny, I don’t care who you are…

Battery powered grease gun.

Doesn’t look like Santa brought you the 50 caliber rifle you wanted!

Battery operated grease gun?

Is this what you originally asked for Nick?

well that will sure come in handy if You plan on using the above mentioned colon scope…

Me, I’ll stick with my new Beretta M9.

Went shooting with my Midshipman, over her Christmas break, and Ol’ Dad still has it. My groups were much tighter and all in the black at 50’.

Colonscope it is!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have open carry in Colorado?

Hey Nick, with a fancy tool like that, who will be getting the grease job of their lives. ??:mrgreen::twisted:

Yeah, really… who ya gonna grease