Last tool I bought that I really like


6909 W Juniper 8-26-09 041.JPG

6909 W Juniper 8-26-09 041.JPG

6909 W Juniper 8-26-09 043.JPG

6909 W Juniper 8-26-09 042.JPG

6909 W Juniper 8-26-09 044.JPG

And probably really need. :stuck_out_tongue:

I always tell the listing Agent that I made a mess under the attic opening and they always manage to locate a vacuum and clean it up for me.

Putting down a couple of sheets seems to work well for me…:slight_smile:

I opened a hatch once, and the falling insulation went up 2 rungs on my ladder. Had to run home for a vacuum for that one. And I had a painters tarp down.

I remember when you bought that a while back and have coveted it ever since. Maybe Santa will bring me one this year.

I like a big tarp.


The beatuiful part Michael is it is a Wet/Dry vacuum, so even small leaks are easlily taken care of. :smiley:

What brand BK? Got a link?

I got mine at Home Depot for $129.00.:-;;:-;;:-;;:-;;

Good idea.

Nice on Brian!

Shop vac for me though… recently again (second time this year), the d/w got turned on and someone/prior owner must have poured some laundry soap or something in there and making a fun mess when I came down from the attic.

Majority of the time that would be an awesome tool you’ve got there.

It would have worked for that also Tim as it is a wet/dry vac.

I thought of a shop vac, but I have enough crap in my vehicle as it is, and I am tired of cords.:smiley:

Wet/Dry… cool beans. Might be on the list. :slight_smile: as less IS more.