Help me decide on my Birthday gift.

While I do not enjoy the concept of my recent birthday (getting older, sigh :frowning: ) I do enjoy the concept of birthday gifts.

My wife and others gave me money because they know that I had my eye on a new handgun.

I am leaning towards a Beretta M9 Semi-Automatic. If it is good enough for the U.S. Military, it is good enough for me. Besides, it will be fun to take my Naval Academy daughter out to the range and help her get her marksmanship skills up to snuf. She will be in the active Navy and on a ship going ingo harms way in about a year and a half and this is good Father Daugher bonding.

But many have recommended a Glock, but I don’t like the movable barrel during reload (What’s with a moving barrel?!?). Some recommend the Desert Eagle, but that, in my opinion, is just a show off gun., for people who are having problems with their self-esteam, if you know what I mean.

And I ideas or suggestions?

Sigs are on sale, now and are used by most of the police in this area, but I prefer mil-spec. There is one used M9 (about 3 years old) going for $450, and Cabella is having a sale on new M9s for $529 (gotta love Black Friday).


Check out the new SW “Bodyguard” 380 built in sight Semi auto they also have a 38 revolver. Have you gone to Cheap as Dirt Guns on the web? Some good deals there but did not see the Bodyguard there yet. Just a suggestion

I don’t like this gun, it has a horrible safety system, check out the reviews, they’re terrible. Ended up buying the Ruger LCR LG Revolver - 38

If it was me. My 1st pick would be a Kimber 1911 .45acp. My 2nd pick would be a Taurus 1911 .45 acp. I like the fact that they (all Taurus) are guarantied forever. Glock suck they should not even be considered.



Ive been handgunning my entire adult life. The best advice I can give is go to a shooting range that rents the models that your interested in and try them out to see how they feel in your hand. Being a tall guy, your most likely going to like full frame models for target shooting. If you plan on carrying ( unlikely in the land of liberals) Go with a Glock, it’s lightweight, slim, breaks down fast, doesn’t matter how dirty it gets and still goes bang everytime you pull the trigger. You’ll also want to go with a 9MM due to ammo prices. a box of 9 MM target loads in my neck of the woods goes for $11.00 verses $25.00 for 380. You have to decide how your going to use the gun and what fits your hand the best in order to make a good purchase.

Say your sorry Rob, you just hurt my Glocks feelings:D

Mr. Burkeson what did the reports you saw say about the semi. A friend of mine does allot of competition shooting and tactical training said he loved it.

The only thing good about a Glock is they do have rounded corners. Which can be nice if you carry though I’ve never had a problem.

If you just plan on shooting for fun the 9mm is fine, if you plan to carry a 9mm is NOT what you want.

My old boss shot his dog point blank in the head with a 9mm and it jumped out of the hole and ran off across a field.

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .38

Not the greatest review, go all the way to the bottom and read the comments from owners.

Either he was:

  1. Drunk and thought he shot the dog in the head

  2. Full of S***

When it comes down to it, if you can’t shoot worth a damn, it doesnt matter if it’s 9mm, 40 cal or 45. shot placement is king and there is no way a dog will take a 9mm shot to the head and run away, even with ball ammo.

Joe, Thank you. I only saw a couple refer to the 380 semi and they were positive. I see the 38 revolver is not.

My first question would be, what do you want it for? Is it for fun and range shooting or self and home defense. The best advise you have gotten so far is go to a range and try out the various sizes and models until you find the one that meets your needs. I personally hate the Beretta. Keep in mind that all military purchases suffer from the “brother in law effect” and not what is always best, cheapest or prudent. All of our aircrew students had to qualify with the Beretta and I came to dislike it for a whole slew of reasons. One main reason is because it is a 9mm. If I shoot someone I want them to not want to get back up they hurt so bad. I suspect the Beretta is going to feel kind of small in your big old mitts. I like the story of the Texas Ranger who was asked by the snotty reporter why he thought he needed to carry a .45 to which he replied, “Because they don’t make a .46.”

Sorry buddy i was there. We dug a hole with the backhoe put the dog in it and from not more then 3’ away he laid one in it. The dog sat there for a second looking like what the hell did you do that for and then jumped out and bolted across the field. We went out to finish it off and she had a hole top dead center of her head with crap coming out of it. He tried to get me to shoot it with my .45 and i told him he had to shoot his own dog. He then put about 3 or 4 more into it to dispatch it.